Find how Importer Security Filing (10+2) ISF customs requirement can be simplified and submitted in time.

Importer Security Filing (ISF)(10 + 2)

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ISF is basic shipping information which you might already have it or we guide you to obtain in time to process customs requirement. Free ISF Form

The program has been designed by Customs to help prevent terrorist weapons from being transported to the United States and to meet the requirements of the Security and Accountability for Every Port (SAFE) Act 2006. The purpose of the SAFE Act was for CBP to identify and seek additional data related to the movement of a shipment.

This will only affect Ocean Imports. The main things to remember is the person/company filing the ISF (Importer Security Filing) must be ABI or AMS and the ISF (10+2) must be filed 72 hours (Considering Time Zone) prior to the vessel sailing! No exceptions.

  • Importer is the responsible party
  • Required for each and every import shipment
  • Fines up to $10,000 per incident
  • Potential loss of C-TPAT Certification or Import Status
  • Delays in your shipments & increased customs inspection due to awaiting required information


We simplify the process We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured No Monthly Fee, no Setup Fee No Sign up, Log In, Commitment Simple - done by Fax/Email; No Obligation Price competitive, efficient & professional Will forward data to your Broker for Entry integration upon request One call get you everything you need - AMS, ISF (10+2), Bond, Customs Clearance, Prior Notice You pay us only if satisfied

ISF Report Card

Are you filing your Importer Security Filing and wondering about its accuracy and timeliness?

Now you can get a report card on how you are doing. Customs is issuing these performance reports to filers only, so if you are not doing your own filing, make sure your filer requests your reports and shares them with you. The filer makes the request by sending an e-mail to Progrss_Report (@) and must provide the following details: filer's corporate name, filer code used for ISF, point of contact and telephone number, and corporate e-mail address where reports are to be sent.